The Wet Darlings stirring up some new material.

All images courtesy of The Wet Darlings.

All images courtesy of The Wet Darlings.

By: Hannah Herner, In The Record Store staff writer.

When The Wet Darlings stopped by early on for the third episode of In The Record Store, the podcast was young, as was the band’s single “Feel Like A Friend” for the album “Beautiful Things” which was not yet released at the time.

Since that time, we’ve done 52 more episodes of the show and the band has played plenty of shows to support the album. Now, The Wet Darlings are working on new material.

Drummer Aaron Bishara and guitarist Bill Patterson said The Wet Darlings have never been a band that quickly pumps out songs, so they can’t adhere to trends with the danger that they would be passed by the time the album is released.

“Beautiful Things” was different than the first two EPs which sounded very much like a typical four-piece band, Bishara said, introducing some keyboard elements, ambient sounds and backing tracks to make it happen live.  Moving forward, they’re leaning toward a less electronic route than “Beautiful Things,” as the backing tracks can be limiting to experimentation in a live show setting.

“We don't want to just do what we’ve always done,” Bishara said. “There’s going to be a natural progression so that we’re not bored with our own stuff. We’d like to surprise people a bit.”

The band also put out a music video for the song “Beautiful Things,” which coincidentally came out on the same day as a big Missy Elliott video. Bishara said even their own friends were talking about Elliot.

“For being the little guys, the internet levels the playing field to where we can put out a record in the same record store as a Kanye or Coldplay, but it also means we’re kind of competing with them for attention,” Patterson said.

The band put out a clear vinyl to accompany their first album as well, which ended up being the best-selling merch item for them. Watching the pressing process at Musicol was one of the highlights of being a part of the band for Patterson.

“I’m a vinyl fan. I like having a tangible vessel,” he said. “There’s something more eternal about it… Music sounds really good on my computer, but there’s a lot of distractions on the computer. All of the sudden, you're not paying attention to the music that’s coming out of it no matter how good it sounds.”

Bishara added, “It’s cool to see you’re able to create your art and it’s in this format that’s a nod to the artists that we were listening to when we were young.”

The Wet Darlings have opened for a number of touring artists namely at CD102.5 shows, including Red Wanting Blue. One memorable show for them was at Skully’s, where Twenty One Pilots actually opened for them, before they exploded onto the pop charts.

“They were amazing and the crowd was all in,” Bishara said. “That whole big show thing that they were doing before they were a big show.

“When we were set up and about to start, Tyler (Joseph) was standing over on my side and I leaned over and say ‘hey, that was OK’ and I was kidding, they clearly blew up the entire room and everybody lost it,” Patterson said. “He didn’t get the humor of it, he looked defeated. I got the idea that it was really important to him. I was obviously kidding because everybody just watched the room explode for those guys.”

Jokes aside, the next move for the band will be a single release in the coming months.