The Turbos slay in ComFest debut

By: Mike Thomas

Bringing its brand of muscular, straightforward rock, The Turbos graced ComFest's Off Ramp stage Sunday afternoon. For a band that has made such a splash on the local scene as of late, it's hard to believe this was its first ever ComFest appearance. It will likely not be its last.

Not to put too fine a point on this, but the Off Ramp stage is by all appearances a miserably hot place to play a set. The 'Bos were sweat-drenched within moments of beginning, which only served to augment the sensuality of its performance.

Per usual, lead guitar and vocal duties were traded between Lucas Esterline and In the Record Store's own Alex D. Both are capable singers and complete shredders to boot, revving their vintage-style axes in an adrenaline-fueled frenzy.

Finishing strong with songs from its recent cycle of singles, the ultra-sexy “Fever” and politically-conscious anthem “'Merica,” The Turbos were festival-ready.