The Struts Take Express LIVE By Storm, Show Staying Power

Writer: Alex D.

The room is dim, but then it turns completely dark. The crowd begins to roar in anticipation. We hear a voice we all recognize as front man Luke Spiller boom throughout the venue pacing through a monologue that ends with: “Take my hand on this ride!”

(Photos: Kris Misevski)

(Photos: Kris Misevski)

A guitar sounds off! KARANG! Lights up! The Struts hit the stage glitzy garb in full effect, getting the night started with their hit “Put Your Hands Up.”

We are definitely in for a ride. 

Spiller sprints from one side of the stage to the other instructing the crowd as he does throughout the night. All in attendance are under his command as the band blends the first few songs giving no pause. 

During the first break in songs, Spiller addresses the crowd and asks if everyone’s having a good time by saying, “If you’re not having a good time to f--- off out the exit over there!”


It’s back to the music now. Playing “The Ol’ Switcheroo,” “Kiss This,” and “Dirty, Sexy, Money.”

Ending this segment with Guitarist Adam Slack and Bassist Jed Elliot trading some serious solos. This is the time Spiller gets really into it with the crowd and does an extended call and response with the audience.

Just as you feel it’s gone on long enough the band kicks in and everyone is back to jumping and “putting the hands up!” The band continued on with songs “Put Your Money On Me” and “Could Have Been Me” summing up and beautiful night.

The Struts put on a show true the definition of "rock and roll." It was bright, fun, and interactive as all get out. A band this entertaining is bound to be around for a while.