Planning For Burial and Co. aim to tear down Big Room Bar

By: Abigail Rice

Saturday, March 3, events and promotions company Sun Valley Presents will host Pennsylvania’s Planning for Burial, alongside Columbus musicians, at Big Room Bar in an all-night concert event.

Flier for Planning for Burial, Pale Grey Lore, Primitives and Strep Torso. (Photo provided by Facebook Event page)

Flier for Planning for Burial, Pale Grey Lore, Primitives and Strep Torso. (Photo provided by Facebook Event page)

Headlining the event, Planning for Burial is the musical brainchild of singer-songwriter Thom Wasluck. The one-man band combines elements of ambient music with striking experimental metal. Planning for Burial’s 2017 studio album, Below the House, straddles influences from Animal Collective to Nine Inch Nails, all while maintaining a maturely individualistic sound.

Created in 2005, Wasluck’s project pushes boundaries of genre and expectation with each new release, ultimately feeding on track diversity to create unique album narratives, each more chilling than the next. The prospect of a live performance from Planning for Burial promises a controlled chaos capable of only the most innovative musicians to hit the scene.

The night will begin with performances from local bands Primitives and Strep Torso. Introducing the headliner will be Columbus natives Pale Grey Lore.

With a sound that harkens back to the Black Sabbath worth remembering, Pale Grey Lore is a sweet mixture of fuzzed-out stoner rock and psychedelic doom. Lyrics like “there’s simply no place to hide,” and a myriad of unsettling others, are reminiscent of occult favorites from albums like Sabbath’s 1989 classic, Headless Cross.

Entirely unpretentious, it is refreshing to hear an album out of the Columbus music scene that refuses a seemingly ever-present tug toward modernity, and perhaps, assimilation. Unlike many local groups, its self-titled EP is a far, furious cry from anything remotely trendy, speaking to a fanbase long forgotten and since reborn. The EP was released in June of 2016 and has continued to gain traction ever since.

Doors for the show on March 3 open at 8 p.m. Tickets for the all-ages show are $8 at the door and $5 in advance. Further information can be found on the Facebook Event page located here.