PREMIERE: Doc Robinson Drops Brand New "The Musicol Sessions EP."

In The Record Store (ITRS) is proud to premiere a brand new EP from Doc Robinson titled "The Musicol Sessions EP."

"Columbus has such a collaborative wealth of musical talent, this band easily epitomizes that," says ITRS' captain, Vince Tornero. "In my opinion, there is no real 'key' to success. It really is simply 'hard work.' Nick, Jon and anyone who has the opportunity to work with these guys gets that. They aren't my friends. I count them as brothers."

From Doc Robinson: "We've been recording some new tunes at an old studio in Columbus called Musicol. It opened in 1964 and a lot of the gear is original to the studio. We chose it specifically because we were chasing an older sound, and an essential part of capturing that sound was using the gear they had at Musicol, and tracking it all in their live room. 

The experience called for some stripped-down versions of the songs we brought it, especially 'Leave A Light On.' We cowrote the song with our brother Taylor Meier of CAAMP. We played some shows with the band last year, and he'd get up and sing it with us every time. We wanted a version with him singing live to exist... We also wanted to record a version of our favorite Grateful Dead song 'Ripple,' so this EP was us trying to kill several birds with one stone, while catching the early worm, leading a horse to water, and eating our cake too."