Columbus is a music city.

(Photo: Courtesy of Chris Shaw).

(Photo: Courtesy of Chris Shaw).

By: Sam Kayuha, In The Record Store staff writer.

Columbus didn’t spend a long time under the radar. It was only a few years after the development of the Short North and campus area, and significant investment in various neighborhoods that the city began to develop a reputation as an underrated capital of culture.

It may take a long time for the city to give up the “underrated” tag. When compared to cities like New York and Los Angeles, it could have a long way to go. It's also likely that residents of the music and arts scene don’t want Columbus to make that much of a leap. It might be better to be a hidden gem than an over saturated oasis.

Nonetheless, plenty of organizations within the city are making efforts to keep the scene alive.

GROOVE U is a school which offers programs for students pursuing careers in the music industry. The school offers areas of study in studio and live production, business and video.

Dwight Heckelman, the school’s founder, joined the podcast last year to discuss the school.

“You all get what a music conservatory is, we’re not that,” he said. “We’re about putting people to work in the music industry.”

Tiny House Music Collective was founded in 2015, and since then has been working to keep the Columbus music scene functioning. The group arranged a network of hosts for national touring bands. For house shows and smaller bands who don’t have the resources to stay in a hotel, or even a motel, hosts are the only thing that makes touring possible.

The collective also hosts round tables dedicated to educating prospective music scene participants in the various aspects of the industry such as licensing, promotion and managing.

How to Build A Music City began as a discussion among music industry workers in 2014, based around their namesake. The groups hosts continuous discussion on social, and participates in panels at Austin music festival SXSW.

Columbus Songwriters Association is another organization that provides resources to local songwriters. Through instruction on various industry forces, the association seeks to create an ecosystem in which local artists can thrive in Ohio’s capital and beyond.

Just one of the many fantastic music organizations in Columbus.

These are just a few of the organizations working to make Columbus an even better music city than it already is. And with more springing up every year, along with new festivals, there seems to be no turning back in making Columbus a music city.