Mister Moon drops a groovy dream wave with "Point One."

By: Alex D, In The Record Store staff writer.

I love a great 3-5 song release that is consistent and thorough. A lot of bands try to go into the studio with 12 songs and sometimes many of them need more time in the shed.

This is not the case for Mister Moon. The four song release, "Point One," opens with "Waste" - a very weighty and spacious tune that the vocals carry you through with ease. The composition of this track really keeps your attention.

The next track is "Lunatic." This will make you move your feet if not your whole body. I was quite literally gyrating in my work chair. With a little heavier pop/rock lean, this track really shows how connected the band is as musicians each piece builds and complements the others never overplaying or out of place.

"Peer" is a track that can be described by one word: "smooth." The vibe is cohesive through out and makes you feel as though your standing still while the rest of the world is moving in half-time - which for me is very relaxing. This one is definitely going into one of my meditation playlists - yes, I have several.

The final track is called "Chimes" - comes in like a noir film but rises to a thriller. With lyrics like "How could I forget the smell of hate searing the skin," the track is visceral, visual and vivacious. There's a tinge of distortion on the vocals and the dirge of the instruments places you somewhere in the late night hours with the confidence of a few drinks in you.

Overall, "Point One" is a home-run with the bases loaded. I don't always fall in love at first listen. But, I'm a hard won listener. This beat-driven rock sextet has a new fan. 

The syncopated drums are to die for. The guitar is present, clear and tasteful. The keys carry the necessary moods. And the vocals hold your hand throughout the experience.