Maybird Makes Good on its Star Support

Writer: Sam Kayuha.

Maybird will make its way back to Ohio’s capital this Friday to perform at the Big Room Bar.

(Photo: Rishad Mistri)

(Photo: Rishad Mistri)

The New York-based band has enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with CD102.5, which operates the Big Room Bar in the space above its studio. The radio station has hosted the band each time it has played in Columbus, which frontman Josh Netsky calls “one of our favorite places to play.”

The four New Yorkers who make up the band are originally from Rochester, where they formed and part of the group still lives (Netsky and his brother, drummer Adam Netsky, live in Brooklyn). In 2013 it dropped its first, and so far only, LP. “Down & Under” caught the ear of Danger Mouse, the super-producer famous for his work with Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz and U2.

“Danger Mouse first reached out to me a couple years ago when he’d heard some of our music on SoundCloud,” Netsky said over email. “He gave me a call and we talked about music for a while, he told me about the label he was starting. We’ve all been huge fans of his for years and years so it was pretty surreal.”

That label, 30th Century Records, released Maybird’s “Unraveling” earlier this year. The EP is a trip, matching the sensibilities of the down-to-earth folkie with the head-in-the-clouds psych rocker. During the recording process, the band literally lived at the Nashville studio of Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, who produced the record.

Carney is the first producer with whom the band has worked, and his touch was instrumental to the recording.

“Patrick produces kind of like an additional member of the band--he contributed a lot to the arrangements, tones and the feel of a lot of the tracks,” Netsky said. “It was a great time working with him, and a learning experience for all of us--not only because it was our first time working with a producer, but it was also our first time really spending weeks at a time in the studio honing in on the songs.”

Maybird has toured heavily in support of “Unraveling,” first hitting the road with Portugal. the Man. That tour ended in October, in time for the band to play some headlining shows of its own and to prepare for a tour with Joywave that kicks off Saturday in Detroit.

All that time on the road might bring boredom for some bands, but Maybird gets by with its PlayStation and Xbox in the tour van and its jump ropes at rest stops.

So keep an eye out for anyone jumping rope along I-71 on Friday; you might want to get an autograph.

The Big Room Bar is located at 1036 S. Front St. The all-ages show is $10 in advance and $12 at the door. Maybird will be joined by Miller and the Hunks and Tango Moms. Doors open at 8pm.