Married in music.

By: Hannah Herner, In The Record Store staff writer.

By Light We Loom makes music together at home and on the road. Married couple Shanna and Eric are based in Cleveland, but frequent the Columbus music scene.

When the duo talked to Vince on episode 31 of In The Record Store, they shared the story of how they met, married and started their music career together.

The music industry has seen plenty of couples making music together, but few have succeeded to keep both the band and the relationship together like Eric and Shanna. Here are a few famous groups with couples at their core that are still up and running.

Yo La Tengo: Percussionist Georgia Hubley and guitarist Ira Kaplan formed Yo La Tengo back in 1984. Perhaps the secret to this couple’s relationship and musical success is that they are notoriously private.

Arcade Fire: Régine Chasagne took a chance when she agreed to join her would be future husband Win Butler and Josh Deu’s band in 2001. The couple married in 2003 before the band hit it big in their debut album “Funerals.” Every one of the albums the band has released was nominated for a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album.

JohnnySwim: Amanda Sudano (daughter of Donna Summer) and Abner Ramirez met for the first time after church in Nashville Tennessee. Four years later, in 2005, she attended a songwriting workshop he hosted and began working together professionally. In 2008, the duo released their first self-titled EP, and they married in 2009. Six years and three albums later, they are still growing strong.