Kinfolk to Play Early Showcase Happy Hour at Dick's Den

By: Zak Kolesar

Robert Mason (left), like many of the multi-band artists in Kinfolk, also plays keys for MojoFlo. (Photo by: Kenny Caterer)

Robert Mason (left), like many of the multi-band artists in Kinfolk, also plays keys for MojoFlo. (Photo by: Kenny Caterer)

Columbus is a music city; it’s time to stop fighting that. But what makes Columbus a music city doesn’t necessarily boil down to what genre of music is being played or the fact that you can always find at least one gig to jam out to on a nightly basis.

Our city’s music economy is heavily dependent on the input that Columbus musicians are putting in, and calling it a grind would be selling the efforts of Capital City talent short. Line up a crew of the most-streamed Columbus bands, and you’ll probably find that the same faces appear in a handful of those top-tier groups. Music don’t stop.

Look even further down the line and the groups that musicians like the members of Kinfolk—a new Columbus-based jazz collective of familiar names—contribute to can sometimes stack seven to 10 projects high.

Kinfolk, according to its Facebook page, is “aiming to play the best music they can.” A pretty generic tagline for a band, but one that definitely rings true when you look at the roster of names that make up the collective. Boasting Stephanie Rogers (vocals), Robert Mason (keys), Faheem Najieb (alto saxophone), Hayden Huffman (tenor saxophone), Benjamin Crowder (trombone), Jeff Bass (bass) and Josh Heber (drum set), Kinfolk runs deep.

While you may see all of these artists out on the Columbus music circuit any given week, Kinfolk is a pleasant new surprise. A project birthed from Heber’s imagination, talent and knowledge of the city’s finest musicians, Kinfolk keeps a mix of originals and classics in its arsenal, ready to take on any audience’s happy-hour blues. These are uplifting musicians, and one of their primary goals is to try and make your day a little better with their take on what defines a soulful hymn.

The first Kinfolk presentation, which took place on March 28 at Brother’s Drake Meadery for Jazz Wednesday, featured works from Miles Davis and D’Angelo, echoing the sentiment of Kinfolk members by playing the best music they can.

The next installment will continue to feature Kinfolk originals and deep cuts from its members’ favorite musicians, but this time the free happy hour show will take place from 6 p.m. to 9 on Weds., May 16 at Dick’s Den. More information on the event can be found here.