#57: Topher James & Biscuit Brigade.

Distinct. Blue. Custom made. Chris Shaw throws on his signature sport jacket and becomes the pseudonymous Topher James - the front man for Biscuit Brigade.

Coinciding with the release of their record "8-Bit Soul," Shaw has released a video game with that same title. The goal is to take the digital version of Topher James and get him through the city to his gig.

Images: Chris Shaw, YouTube.

Images: Chris Shaw, YouTube.

But, there's definitely more than a blue jacket, a new album, and a video game to go along with it. There's also a deep love of music rooted in Chris. We explore why he continues to pursue this passion.

Three tracks are performed exclusively with us: "Be The Proof," "Hard Love" plus a spontaneous and totally fun cover of "Sir Duke."

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