#50: Earwig (the band).

You can credit the Muppets for inspiring the very early inceptions of what is now Earwig. Lizard McGee (lead guitar and vocals) bought his first guitar with paper route money.

Their latest record "Pause for The Jets" was released in October of 2016 and is called a "science fiction rock opera." This album is rich with inspiration from lucid dreams the band has experienced.

We delve into those dreams and get to know the passion behind the quartet known as Earwig.

Featuring two songs: "Bring Yrself 2 Me" and "Silverheels."

NOTE: This is our 50th episode. We would like to thank you for your continued listenership to this growing show. Please remember to support local music and shop local record stores. We have so much planned for 2017. Stay tuned, friends. - Vince and Grant