Hebdo to make Dick's Den debut

Writer: Sam Kayuha.

Among the cluster of bars north of OSU campus, the allure of Dick’s Den is unique.

The go-to establishment for lesser-represented genres like jazz and bluegrass, it is the gathering place for some of Ohio’s best musicians, whose presence at the bar and on the stage makes the place feel like the clubhouse of some secret society. But all entry takes is the usual $5 cover.

The bar has a meager online presence; besides the names posted on the front window, it is often difficult to discern who is playing each night. But what we do know is that next Thursday, the full arrangement of Hebdo will be making it’s Dick’s Den debut.

Photo: Courtesy of Joey Hebdo. Taken by Kris Misevski

Photo: Courtesy of Joey Hebdo. Taken by Kris Misevski

At the core of the alt-folk band is its frontman, Joey Hebdo, whose reputation precedes him. The hugely respected guitarist and singer has played for bands across the country (The Middle Rats, Gypsy Caravan, Blackcoin), but has recently been spearheading the band of his namesake. The five-piece of bassist Mark Subel, guitarist Mike James, drummer Maxwell Button and keyboardist Luke Holmes has been playing together since 2013, but some musical relationships stretch back almost a decade.

“The newest member has been with us for two years. But some of us go way back, seven or eight years,” Hebdo said.

While Joey has taken the stage at Dick’s Den solo, Hebdo has played “pretty much everywhere in town” besides the bar.

“We’ve thrown around the idea of playing there for years,” he said. “Dick’s Den started doing happy hours and we had the opportunity to do an early show. It definitely offers a different demographic when you aren’t playing in the middle of the night.”

Hebdo will be playing during happy hour on Thursday, Nov. 9, from 6pm-9pm. The band is also readying four singles and music videos for release, the first set for early December.

Hear some of its tunes at hebdo.bandcamp.com.