Q&A: Ghost Soul Trio

Nate Gelfand, James Harker and Joe Amadio. Courtesy of Joel Ruby.

Nate Gelfand, James Harker and Joe Amadio. Courtesy of Joel Ruby.

Writer: Alex D.

An ideal night of live music is one that keeps me guessing and in awe throughout. Of course, there are nights when I’m just looking for that one style or mood, but more often than not, variety is required. This upcoming Saturday at The Shrunken Head will be one of those nights.

I had the chance to speak with James Harker, the multi-instrumentalist frontman of local act Ghost Soul Trio. Our conversation centered around the group’s set this weekend, which it plans on recording live.

ALEX: Tell me about the show this weekend? From the looks of it, it’s bound to be a banger.

JAMES: We got asked to play the show by Gentlemen and Scholars. It's technically their show and they're the out-of-town band on the bill. I've played the Shrunken Head a few times with my other band Spirit of the Bear, and it's always been a great time, so I'm excited to play there again as well. Nick, who runs sound there, gives the option to record bands who play in the venue, which is super cool.

ALEX: I know Nick pretty well from my band’s shows at TSH. He’s amazing with sound and a super nice guy. As far as filming goes what can we expect?

JAMES: We have a buddy, Jon Honeycutt (who filmed and edited our previous videos), who's gonna be there filming the set. I'm not totally sure what we're gonna do with it yet, but it'll definitely be a good gauge to us of what our shows are actually like.

GST Drummer Joe Amadio had this to say about the decision to live record: Honestly, the three of us love scheming. Personally, I like to have at least one project in motion at a time; at all times. Keeps us motivated. This is just another one of our schemes.

The Shrunken Head (251 W. 5th Ave.) will host Indiana natives Gentleman and Scholars, local punk rockers Highwire Kicks, the fresh faces of GAHWNS and Ghost Soul Trio this Saturday. The cover charge is $5, and the show kicks off at 7:30 p.m.

Check out Ghost Soul Trio's "Sinking Moon," below.