What makes a song good: 80's influences.

By: Hannah Herner, In The Record Store staff writer.

In the 43rd episode of In The Record Store, Vince, Grant, and Mel discussed what makes a song good.

"I think it has a lot to do with what you listen to growing up, if you’re not a music expert. Because there’s definitely this inescapable emotional aspect to listening to music so the music you listened to brings back emotions and memories and feelings,” Mel said on the podcast.

And for me, that is really what it’s all about. From an early age, I’ve listened to 80's new wave music with my dad. I notice that much of the music I enjoy today draws influence from that era.

“Rio” - Duran Duran: My dad said when “Rio” came out it was one of those songs he never got tired of. I feel the same way about She’s American by The 1975. Arguably the best part of both of these songs is the saxophone in the bridge. I was lucky enough to see both of them live with my dad, complete with the live saxophone player.

“Take on Me ” - A-haThe steady keyboard beat and smooth vocals brought by Morten Harket with A-ha makes me think of one of my current favorite bands, Magic Man and its lead singer Alex Caplow. This is especially apparent in the song “Everyday.”

“In A Big Country” - Big CountryI remember my father introducing me to Big Country and explaining to me what a “one-hit-wonder” is. Ever since, I’ve been fascinated with the idea. Does the artist grow to hate the song or are they thankful for its flash of brilliance? My favorite modern one-hit wonder has to be Gotye and his brief time at the top with Somebody That I Used To Know.”

“I Ran” - A Flock of SeagullsA Flock of Seagulls was popular in the realm of synthesizer-generated sounds and had a very definitive image. La Roux clearly took inspiration from them with her strong synthesizer and sculpted hair. Her video for “Bulletproof screams 80's.