Gold From Grief bring the heat to Off Ramp Stage

By: Mike Thomas

Between the enclosed space of the tent that houses it and the stage lights, Comfest’s Off Ramp stage is notoriously hot.

For their Friday evening turn on the stage, Gold From Grief sweated their way through a set that matched the degrees on the thermometer in intensity.

Having played together around town for some time now, the group has tightened their psychedelic-blues-rock sound to perfection. In spite of the swampy environs, it was one of their best performances to date.

Kelsey Hopkins, who is in possession of one of the most powerful voices in rock, was in constant danger of blowing the roof off the place (or at least sending tent flaps flying).

Guitarist Michael Furman took to his normal playing posture, looking somewhere between highly focused and supremely bored as he absolutely melted the faces off of everyone in the vicinity with blazing psychedelic riffs.

Gold From Grief's debut EP is available on all platforms.