Girl power in a "dude fest."

By: Hannah Herner, In The Record Store staff writer.

In history, there have been countless protests and demonstrations centered around putting, and keeping women in control of their own destiny. It’s a topic that has been brought to the forefront again with the new presidential administration and the Women’s March a couple of weeks ago. This collection of events inspired me to make my own girl power playlist, to be reminded of all of the kick-ass women in the world, and more specifically, the music industry.

I was especially inspired by Muna, a trio of girls making fantastic dark synth pop music. They released their debut album “About U” Friday. I actually discovered them because they opened for Miike Snow at Newport Music Hall last year. Having known nothing about the group ahead of the show, It was the kind of live performance that made me immediately go home and add their album to my Spotify. Songs like “Loudspeaker” and “I Know A Place” are empowering and addressing serious topics, but are just as fun to listen to as any pop music.

But if you’re looking for great musical women, you don’t even have to look any further than Columbus stages. In The Record Store has featured a collection of girl power groups, and dedicated an episode to them, along with co-host April Kulcsar. She discussed challenges that come with being one of the few females working with band management in the area and the local women she is inspired by.

The local music scene has also tendency to be predominately white and male, so it’s important and exciting to see female artists or female-led groups on stage.

“No matter where you go, it’s a dude fest everywhere,” Kulcsar said in the episode. “It seems like a lot of guys with guitars around stages all over the place.”

Kulcsar is determined to forge her own path as not many women have come before her in her field. “You just gotta wake up in the morning and say this is what I’m meant to do and I’m not going to let anyone get in the way of it, man, woman — no matter what.”

Here’s a playlist of fabulous female artists and female-fronted bands that have been featured on In The Record Store.