Front Porch Lights are turning on the juice with new EP.

By: Alex D, In The Record Store staff writer.

Being involved in the Columbus music scene, you hear about bands that come through town and leave a impression on the crowd. Front Porch Lights is one of those bands.

I had heard about them first through a Facebook invite to a show at Tree Bar. Then again, from a friend who wanted to travel up to Lakewood, OH for their Release show. So, when I was asked to review their EP, I was definitely excited.

Front Porch Lights is a Cleveland band just getting into their stride with their upcoming EP "Go On Ahead."

Images courtesty of Front Porch Lights.

Images courtesty of Front Porch Lights.

I found myself smiling as soon as "Waiting on a Miracle" started up (the first track on the album). It comes in smooth and builds beautifully into a rocking chorus and bridge that kicks hard. I can hear this as a sound track to a top-down cruise of High St or a sunny patio brunch in the Short North.

The title track, "Go On Ahead," is pleasant, sweet and sits well as the second track on the EP. A very mature song of patience in love that makes you feel all the hope and light that it carries.

"Down Baby" is a rocker with a bounce to it that makes you wanna shake and bob your head. "iFolk" is one that really shows the width of the bands musicianship with a change style which, if the name didn't give it away, dips into what I imagine are the roots of some of the bands influences.

Lastly, my favorite track is the enormous, heavy and monumental, "It'll Pass." I can't really express how much I appreciate this one. After listening to the EP a few times over, I found my self stuck. If I am completely honest, I listened to it five or six times.

Front Porch Lights is able to leave you hanging onto each musical moment and pull you up with a solid vocal note consistently throughout the colelction of songs. It's solid and sounds of a band who understands themselves as well as their instruments.

"Go On Ahead" EP will be released digitally on Friday, June 9th.