Doc Robinson crowdfunds for Columbus-inspired album.

By: Hannah Herner, In The Record Store staff writer.

Local duo Doc Robinson, made up of seasoned local musicians Nick D’Andrea and Jonathan Elliott, looked to the Columbus community to record their album. And they’re looking to the community again to fund finishing it off.

The Kickstarter project, titled, “Doc Robinson’s Making A Full-Length Album!” which launched March 7, was given 45 days but has already garnered over $5,300 of its $6,500 goal in the 10 days since its launch.

"We wanted to make it more of an opportunity to let people collaborate with us," Elliott says.

The 11 song album titled "Deep End" features 15 local musicians in addition to the duo, including rappers, horn players, piano players, singers and more. The pair said they wanted to make sure none of them went unpaid for their work and they also didn’t have the funds to finish out the album with the production quality needed to do it justice.

"Oftentimes bands will go the self-production route to save money, but we knew we needed to have someone who could capture these complex sounds” D’Andrea says.

D’Andrea says Class Acts booking has sponsored the making of the album up to this point, and all it takes for bands to get an album out is a group of people who care enough to fund it and make it happen.

“A lot of bands have some very generous family and friends and businesses, but a lot of times, from top to bottom even at the biggest labels, there’s someone who cares enough to invest time and energy and finds those funds,” Elliott says. 

The funds will go to final production costs of the album. This includes $1,500 for mixing, $1,500 for mastering, $1,500 for pressing CDs and vinyls, $1,000 for merchandise and $1,000 for promotion.

D'Andrea says any money raised over the goal amount will go towards creating a music video and "steak dinners for all the homies that played on the record."

Elliott said Doc Robinson plans to perform live and tour the album once it’s able to be completed, bringing along any of the featured artists willing and available to take part. He said the whole process embodies the spirit of collaboration in Columbus, citing Doo Dah Parade, Independent’s Day Festival, Comfest and Columbus Idea Foundry as examples.

"Columbus just has a really cool ways and systems to get yourself hip with the local scene,” he says. 

To give to the Doc Robinson campaign for the album, CLICK HERE.