didi Wraps Up Tour With Hometown Show And Memorable Album

By: Abby Jeffers

Indie rockers did from Columbus. (Photo by: Hillary Jones)

Indie rockers did from Columbus. (Photo by: Hillary Jones)

Fresh off of a nearly month-long tour that took them across the country, local indie rockers didi are back home in Columbus. On Aug. 10, the band will be wrapping up the tour and celebrating its new album at the same time with a homecoming show at Ace of Cups, alongside Soul Monsters, neerG–also known as Green The Other Way Around–and Kali Dreamer.

The show is a hometown release of didi’s new album, “like memory foam.” It’s not an official label release, although the record will be out via Damnably. didi has also been selling CDs of the album on tour and will also make them available at the Aug. 10 show.

“like memory foam” is characteristic of didi’s sound: it features bold vocals, thrilling pop melodies that are impossible to shake from your head and muted, metallic-toned guitar riffs. Gorgeous vocal harmonies bubble nicely over catchy bass licks, and every track is carefully put together.

The album is similar to the band’s self-titled album, released three years ago in 2015, because it showcases the same cross between indie pop and alternative rock. didi’s sound feels more mature on “like memory foam,” though; the instruments and vocals are balanced incredibly with nothing standing out too much, and there’s something about the album that feels just a little bit darker.

“Haru,” which didi has already performed for The Mug and Brush Sessions on YouTube, opens the album. It’s impossibly catchy, and all of the energy in the live session is present on the studio track. It’s also a solid representation of the album in that it’s a driving, jangly alternative pop song.

The effort put into creating a cohesive record with “like memory foam,” rather than just a collection of 10 individual tracks, is clear. Every song makes sense, but didi somehow still avoids predictability by throwing in beautiful harmonies and haunting bass lines. Picking up an early CD of the album is just another perk of the band’s upcoming hometown show–not that another reason to see didi live is even necessary.

didi will be playing at Ace of Cups on Friday, Aug. 10. Doors open at 7 p.m. and tickets are $7, and it is an all-ages show. Tickets can be found here.