Burning Bright brings fire with The Dark

By: Alex D.

The rock group Burning Bright recently released its debut album The Dark, a tight 10-track look inside some of the demons with which singer Courtney Ball struggles.

Photo courtesy of Burning Bright  Facebook page .

Photo courtesy of Burning Bright Facebook page.

The first thing worth noting is that of the 10 tracks, four of them are titled “Journal Entry,” #1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively. On them you hear Ball really dive into the theme of the album using a spoken word style cadence with sparse instrumentation. It is clear she is struggling with the darkness of decisions and emotions. Her voice drips with angst and despair, yet there is always a glimmer of something there. A future resolve maybe.

Some notable songs are groovy bangers like “Dance with the Devil” and “No Claim to Innocence,” tracks that are guaranteed to have you throwing a rock fist right through your steering wheel. (I listen to music in my car, could you tell?) Then you have the softer, but still groovy tracks “Painful Truth” and my personal favorite “Ghosts.”

Throughout, Ball’s voice dips and soars in and out of the valleys of space and mountains of sound that make up the album. The guitar (Aaron Dill) conveys all the emotion that Ball leaves room for and joins her when it feels right. All the while the drums keep you rooted in the moment.

Burning Bright leaves you with the message that, “You can make it through the night!” Those dark times where it is easy to lose hope for a better day are just that—a time. Time passes as do our struggles.

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