New release report: Bummers.

By: Sam Kayuha, In The Record Store staff writer.

Local rockers, the guys of Bummers, returned last month with a new release, the band’s first since 2014.

“Dolores,” an EP of four new tracks, dropped at the end of April. Chosen from the writing the band has done over the last two years, the songs find Bummers evolving yet maintaining its original motivation.

Images: Bummers.

Images: Bummers.

"We want to make it sound as close to a live show as possible,” said multi-instrumentalist Steven Sikes-Gilbert. “It’s a representation of what we’ve always sounded like, but we’re growing as a band, taking chances and thinking outside of the box.”

Bummers could be called, in any order, garage rock, fuzz, surf or beach rock; among which one word is consistent, and which probably does the job. But while Sikes-Gilbert says the band’s style is the same, it hasn’t been in stasis.

Horns found their way onto the EP, a chance that the younger Bummers, which became one of the hottest locals bands after its self-titled LP came out in 2015, wouldn’t have taken.

“We think deeper about each song,” said frontman Jeff Pearl. “They’re not just four chords anymore.”

The time between releases featured the departure and return of original drummer Cody Smith, who “came out of the blue and was down to play again,” according to Pearl.

All the songs were recorded in a only a few days, with one set for instrumentals and two more for vocals and overdubs. The long break for writing, and life being lived, ended quickly and the band doesn’t plan on returning to it soon.

“We’re doing a new LP right now,” Pearl said. “Next month we’ll be back in the studio.”

For now, the group can bask in “Dolores’” success. The band appeared live in Columbus for the first time in almost a year at the EP’s release show at Ace of Cups, and is prepping to play this year’s Nelsonville Music Festival and an as yet unannounced out-of-town tour. Lead single “Sweet Sixteen” also made its way to CD102.5’s most requested tracks last week, the provincially prestigious 5 at 5.

“Dolores” can be found on Bummers’ Bandcamp, and its shows on Facebook.