Boy bands doesn't mean bad music.

By: Hannah Herner, In The Record Store staff writer.

When local act Fields and Planes sat down with In The Record Store last spring for the 10th episode, group members Fran and Paul and hosts Grant and Vince discussed “bad music.”

What makes music bad?

“I think when you can tell that someone is completely trying to be something they’re not specifically for the money or the fame, I think that is the closest I would get saying there’s bad music,” Fran said.

Names like Justin Bieber and One Direction were brought up, spawning another discussion on boy bands, the good, the bad, and the great.

Here is a personal list of my top 10 songs by boy bands (chosen from my iTunes playlist of over 200 songs).

1.    Cover Girl - New Kids On The Block.

2.    Stockholm Syndrome - One Direction.

3.    MMMBop - Hanson.

4.    Lovebug - Jonas Brothers.

5.    You Got It (The Right Stuff) - New Kids On The Block.

6.    God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You - ‘N Sync.

7.    Through The Dark - One Direction.

8.    Larger Than Life - Backstreet Boys.

9.    The Way You Want Me To - 98 Degrees.

10.  Shape Of My Heart - Backstreet Boys.

You can catch Fields and Planes live on Wednesday, January 11 when the group opens for Nashville folk act Liza Anne at The Basement.