In The Record Store: two major developments.

Beginning in February 2015, In The Record Store (ITRS) was founded with the mission to share the music born in Central Ohio and around the state.

Soon after founding the podcast, ITRS adopted the motto "Discover better music." It is our firmly-held belief there is excellent music being created in and around I-270 that deserves to be shared on a wider scale. We have achieved that with two major developemtns.

We now are proud to announce ITRS' advancements in radio and in print. 

THE RADIO: Starting immediately, In The Record Store: The Podcast will be aired on five radio stations across the State of Ohio. Stations like WXUT in Toledo and WBWC in Cleveland will air the catalog of ITRS episodes in a 28-minute format (GET MORE INFO HERE).

THE MAGAZINE: On April 22nd, In The Record Store: The Magazine will begin distribution across Central Ohio. Iconic record stores like Used Kids, Records Per Minute and Lost Weekend Records will all carry the publication. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, Donatos and PromoWest Productions have all agreed to house the magazine at select locations in the Central Ohio region.

In The Record Store: The Magazine's first cover story is an intimate look at the life of Columbus' own Angela Perley. Articles include: a look at The Wet Darlings' work on new material, Q&A with Doc Robinson and a Columbus-centered video game with Topher James.

Physical copies will begin to appear on Saturday, April 22nd (Record Store Day 2017). A digital version of In The Record Store: The Magazine will be available Saturday, May 6th (GET MORE INFO HERE).

We are incredibly exited about these two developments. But, we're most excited about the ability to more widely showcase the musical talent here in Ohio.

This now brings our brand to the following formats...


For more information these developments, please direct questions to Vince Tornero ( or 614-715-ITRS).