Angela Perley channels nostalgia.

By: Zachary Kolesar, In The Record Store staff writer.

Without a doubt, the greatest trend in music over the past five years has been the insurmountable popularity of streaming music. With accessibility at almost all times of the day and near infinite catalogs, music can follow us throughout most of our lives.

But recent statistics on music consumption are showing that fans still enjoy traditional mediums of playing music, such as vinyl records, in which sales were up nearly 26 percent per BuzzAngle Music.

What makes vinyl the opposite of a hot commodity in 2017 is the very reason mentioned above: it’s not palm-of-your-hand accessible. However, the special home-listening experience that comes from record players and the rich sounds they produce turns listening to music into an event.

For local eccentric rock outfit Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons and its latest release, “Homemade Vision” in January 2016, the group went the extra mile by re-releasing physical copies on wax in August. It’s a fitting move, as Columbus darlings Twenty One Pilots took home the prize of top selling vinyl album of 2016 (according to BuzzAngle).

During a June episode of In The Record Store, the band’s guitarist Chris Connor reminisced on his music listening experiences prior to the streaming frontier. He recanted on magical memories about spinning “Led Zeppelin IV” in his room by himself and listening to AC/DC’s “High Voltage” on cassette.

“I just remember that being a pivotal moment for me, just the way that record sounded,” Connor said.

Songs like “Your Love” from January 2016’s “Homemade Vision” are oozing with roots of rock ‘n’ roll, stemming from musicians like Zeppelin, with an airy twist. Those influences are a big reason why nostalgia slaps listeners in the face throughout Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moon’s 10-track record.

Coming in at just over 40 minutes, “Homemade Vision” is a perfect album to toss on the turntable and bask in some luxuries that can only be enjoyed from the comforts of home. Here are three ideas to enhance one’s listening experience.

Take a bath: The music video for “White Dove” opens fittingly with a white cassette tape being placed into a vintage Panasonic SG-X7 stereo. Near the video’s end, singer and guitarist Angela Perley can be seen sinking in a bath tub, fully clothed. This might not be the most relaxing way, but putting the needle down on some Fleetwood Mac-like vibes and melting into a warm cleanse can help with de-stressing.

Write a poem: During the podcast, Perley pronounced her love for Bob Dylan, citing “Nashville Skyline” as one of the first albums she threw on a record player. “As a songwriter, I almost see Bob Dylan also as a poet, and I love literature and poetry,” Perley said. It is one of the slower tempo songs, but “Leaving” captures a pleasant southern tone that is great to put words on paper to while sitting in solitude.

Plan a road trip: Sometimes our homes can hold us back. There are situations or people can drive us to pack up and leave on a whim. “Nothin’ but Trouble” toes that line, telling the story of shaking a problematic lover. For those experiencing similar feelings as Perley, a vacation could be the perfect cure to clearing one’s head space of negativity.