The females of Columbus hip-hop shine bright at 614 Pipeline

By Dru Era

On Feb. 2, premier Columbus hip-hop artist Sam Rothstein continued his Pipeline showcase series, this time with an all-female lineup at Trabue Tavern.

614 Pipeline features a handful of female artists at Trabue Tavern on Feb. 2.

614 Pipeline features a handful of female artists at Trabue Tavern on Feb. 2.

The Pipeline was most definitely a great experience, as I got to see some great talent throughout the night. The show opened with a hyped performance from Lexxx Marie who showed the crowd that there was not any controlling her.

Following her performance, Shad Jones had the crowd chanting, “Wassup,” back and forth. She also performed an inspirational and heartfelt song, “Young Black Girl,” with great lyrics. Rach World Beat then convinced the crowd that she wanted to be our Beyoncé, giving a memorable performance.

Jazi also graced the stage with a soft-harmonic sound and even sung a song in Japanese. Nyquinn and Laura both kept the crowd intrigued throughout their sets with their soulful sounds.

The Pipeline not only showcased talent onstage but also displayed some creative clothing apparel from B!aytent and @WORK. Bree The Rapper was very charismatic during her set and provided different sounds throughout her performance. Miir followed up by performing new music from her upcoming project.

Next up was Jae Esquire, who had the crowd laughing when she stated that she may be the oldest artist on the lineup. But her years of experience showed with intense bars and amazing crowd control.

The Pipeline continued to set the bar with artists like Seiko Page, who did a excellent cover of Drake’s latest single “God's Plan,” and Freshfly, who obviously kept it fresh with her performance as well.

Princess Tiana traveled all the way from Cincinnati and displayed complete starpower during her set. A$IA finally closed out the show and kept the vibe with an unforgettable performance. A serious congratulations to all the ladies that held it down for the Columbus hip hop scene.

I can’t believe that the women in Columbus are so talented, and it excites me for the future of Columbus hip-hop as a whole. It is only the second month of 2018, and I feel the momentum is rising every show.

Prior to the showcase, In The Record Store asked Rothstein a few questions to get some insight on the Pipeline series.

Q+A with Sam Rothstein: 614 Pipeline — Female Edition  

In The Record Store: What made you want to start the Pipeline show series?

Sam Rothstein: In 2016 I thrown a show with another promoter and I got goated into doing all the work myself. The show had an artist from Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and cities all over from the Midwest. It was a decent show, but a lot things went wrong that wasn’t in my control. After learning from that, I wanted to do a show that was ran by me, and I always loved the idea of bringing cities together.

ITRS: Why did you choose an all-female showcase?

SR: I realized from all the Pipeline shows in 2017, I wasn’t booking enough female artists. 2017 was such a huge year for women in general and really huge for the female artist in Columbus. I really wanted to put them all in one place to let everyone shine even brighter.

ITRS: How do you feel about the Columbus hip-hop scene?

SR: It’s boomin’! The music scene is better than it ever has been, creatively with a lot of monetization potential and infrastructure that's getting ingrained into the city from what everyone is doing. It's a great thing that artist[s] now have access to venues.