The stripped, gritty blues of Gold From Grief coming to Big Room Bar

Writer: Alex D.

A multitude of bands put in their dues across the city by playing live music, and there’s one coming up that deserves attention.

Photo by Dan Mitchell.

Photo by Dan Mitchell.

Gold From Grief has been tearing up local venues over the past year. These double-stop rockers had released some singles early on, but the band really spent most of its time perfecting its sound playing live. Once it had a nice collection, the band solicited the help of my roommate and bandmate Cameron Reck (engineer and bassist of The Turbos) to help cement that sound through recording.

Living with Reck, there are always people in and out of the house recording, not all of them amazing. So, when Gold From Grief took over our house, I was skeptical of what I was going to be subjected to.

Sure, I had seen them live a number of times and loved them, but the recording process is very microscopic and repetitive; it's not something you want to be present for 80 percent of the time.

However, from the first day drummer Mike Ortiz and bassist/producer Lynn Roose III started laying down the foundational grooves, I became excited. Every boom and snap sent me back to my days of listening to The Doors and Led Zeppelin.

Later in the week, it was time for guitarist Michael Furman to lay down his tracks. He kept it lively and fun with his plethora of guitars and pedals. One day I would come downstairs and he’d be bent over his amp shaking his guitar like a madman. Next I would see him holding the guitar while Roose screamed into the pickups.

There were plenty of other tricks that I’m sure I missed, but the all in all of what you’ll hear on the album is some soulful slick licks that lay ever so neatly on the drums and bass.

Lastly were the vocals. Columbus has many talented singers, and you can include Kelsey Hopkins among them. The way that she can control the power of her voice is amazing. From a soft “ooh” to belted “ahh,” Hopkins can take you on a ride with her vocal talent.

On what we can expect in the future from the group, Furman best sums up the feel of the project.  

“We were trying to go for some stripped down and gritty blues rock that remains true to our live sound as a four-piece band,” Furman said. “I think our sound engineer Cameron Reck and our producer/bassist Lynn Roose III really helped us nail that.”

Gold From Grief will be blessing Columbus live at Big Room Bar on December 15th, celebrating the release of its self-titled debut EP. Garage-pop band Comrade Question and the soulful southern rock boys of Coya Hill will be accompanying Gold From Grief.

The release will be in collaboration with CD102.5's 25th annual "Thon" that helps raise money for less fortunate kids during the holiday season. The show starts at 9 p.m. with a $5 cover. You must be 18 to enter.